from Ghosts of Miami by Von Kaiser

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Sending out our signal, to the furthest reaches of space.
A message asking why, without a reply, floating endlessly.
All of the faces that pass in front of me,
All of the solid colors that make up the how and why of you and me.

Time moves back and forth but never in a same space
Traveling so fast but never moving from the same place
All I can I ask for is a different metaphor for this
All of these different facets of the planets moving in retrograde

We are, who we are, can’t travel back to figure it out
But how great would it be, if we could go back to change anything
We get what we get, can’t travel back to rearrange it
But how great would it be, if we could go back and rewrite everything

Looking to the stars, for the answers, and the questions, to all thats been
Retrieving all the data-streams, from all these tired screens
All I can answer, is there’s chance were, all alone
All of the wonder torn asunder and like a child has captured me


from Ghosts of Miami, released May 4, 2020


all rights reserved



Von Kaiser Michigan

We make music from the heart, from a time of what was and what could have been. ♥️🌴

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