Ghosts of Miami

by Von Kaiser

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Belfast One could argue there's no shortage of good synthwave, but where it's really at for me is synthwave with vocals. Von Kaiser delivers time and time again with awesome vocal work over catchy and relaxing tunes. They're among the best out there if you ask me. Favorite track: Wavelengths.
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dylanlaw79 Superb second album from Von Kaiser. Excellent vocals with very memorable tunes that will be on my playlists indefinitely. Top stuff Favorite track: JOI.
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tooshortconnected I am still waitin for this or the Landline Album to come out on Vinyl.and also all your other stuff too, but these 2 are my favorites.any chance or plans you guys release those on good old black gold?
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Amber 05:23
Everybody thinks they know me I’ve never been understood And all the lies they tell about me, It’s no wonder they think I’m no good. When you showed up in my life, and I looked up to your eyes I didn’t know who you could be so I tried to run, run, run, run, run away from the running man Everybody thinks they know you You’ve never been understood And all the lies they tell about you, It’s no wonder they think you’re no good When I showed up in your life You knew the chance you had to take A one way ticket to paradise, but I had to run, run, run, run, run away Spotlights search the sky Fighting to survive the night I need you, you need me to make it out of here alive I need you, you need me to get out on the other side I’m the running man Fighting this electric opera Racing from scene to scene Were gonna make it through this nightmare Like nothing you have ever seen They tell us that we’ll never make it out But I know that you’re the one Together we can face tomorrow, we’re gonna Run run run run runaway You’re the running man
Wavelengths 06:16
Sending out our signal, to the furthest reaches of space. A message asking why, without a reply, floating endlessly. All of the faces that pass in front of me, All of the solid colors that make up the how and why of you and me. Time moves back and forth but never in a same space Traveling so fast but never moving from the same place All I can I ask for is a different metaphor for this All of these different facets of the planets moving in retrograde We are, who we are, can’t travel back to figure it out But how great would it be, if we could go back to change anything We get what we get, can’t travel back to rearrange it But how great would it be, if we could go back and rewrite everything Looking to the stars, for the answers, and the questions, to all thats been Retrieving all the data-streams, from all these tired screens All I can answer, is there’s chance were, all alone All of the wonder torn asunder and like a child has captured me
JOI 04:56
I’m dancing for you I wear just what you want Wanna be real for you I live in a dream But it’s not my own Wanna be real for me too You choose my every move What I say and what I do My body is a slave, suited to your every mood I live my life for you, try and be real for you, I give you everything I do Try my best to escape, like a rat caught in a maze, I give you everything I am Wanna walk the city streets Feel the concrete under my feet Wanna be real for you I want to be free Can she do that for me? Wanna be real for me too I choose her every move Want you to feel what I wanna do to you Wanna see the setting sun, and share a kiss with someone
The scent of night blossoms on the open air All the memories that it conjures there So sweet, and unfair, The best and the worst of all of my time there When I used to lie, when you used to take flight, when the summer sun never died outside When we moved away, started new lives, and the sliding door always takes you back in time All the palms trees sway back and forth in the breeze, All my thoughts and words seem to flow with ease. So serene, this high, winding this Cadillac up the canyon tonight. When we used to fight, when you used to lie, when the conversation never died on the vine, When we moved away, started new lives, and all of these parallel worlds they collide. These Streets of rage, with no consequence, in the neon light, so beautiful tonight. These Streets of rage, with so much to say, in the pale moon light, everything looks so strange tonight.
Hyper Sleep 05:47
A rush of cold air, this careless whisper A distant siren, tearing through these darkened streets Cold water drains down, breaking the sound of silence A distant, siren tearing through the center of me Subway train, taking me away, I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do, without you Subway train, taking me away, I wanna do what I wanna do without you. Free, and unfair, we’re all alone, All alone. Free with no cares, we’re all alone, all alone, All flush with fever, enjoy the silence A distant siren blaring through this alley way Vents are steaming, smoke fills the night air A distant siren, tearing through my revelry.
When you were young, with so much left undone The light of the sun on her skin as the waves crash in again When you were young, making little umbrella drinks for everyone the cool of the shade, goose bumps and lemonade If only for the last time If it only lasts for today, It lives on my mind in every way If it only lasts for tonight, I’ll make sure to hold on tight If it only lasts for one day, It lives on my mind everyday If it only lasts for tonight, I’ll make sure to hold on tight When we were young, sailing out around the the Gold Coast The ocean breeze moved us along with gentle ease All the memories
The mall has closed its doors, so long, for good, a for sale sign on your childhood the high school looks different, and so do I, a rusted out Midwest lullaby as the years fly by Catching up, cresting through our love A make or break moment of your life Cameras record your brightest light You do everything you can to make it right Chasing the ghosts of Miami nights Driving down the street, where you used to live, see the old play ground, where you tried your first cigarette, The beach looks different, but so do I, moving to a future time, as the years fly by. Catching up, cresting through our life.
Got my first summer job met her the very first day Hard to concentrate on washing all these cars with my breath taken away We’d double up on my mongoose bike, and she’d stand on the rear wheel spikes With a pocket full of cash, on a first date, Innocence is romance While the world watched on, as the challenger tried to go to space. Shock and awe and unbelievable sadness on every face. But we never ever afraid and courage was the fix. Because we were the adventurers of 1986. I wonder where she is right now I wonder where she is this fantastic life I can’t understand how much I still care about the past I can’t let it go, as I grow older it all seems far away, so far away
Aquamarine 03:16
Abandoned satellites up above us the search for life, and the ones that live among us, planet earth and the larger giants that surround us constellations and all the lights of the galaxies Does the size and shape of it all make you feel insignificant and small? Faces on mars, among the rocks and red sand what we are and how we came to be where we are the rings of Saturn and scattered brain patterns, as we consider our eternity Does the size and shape of it all make you feel insignificant and small? Along the way, up in space In the milky way, so far from home Where we Burn the sky, as we ascend to new heights and live new lives. as the decades passed, and I’m an old man sitting alone outside in the sun, outlooks changed as my mind starts to fade, the wonder of youth begins to stray away Does the shape and size of it all make you feel insignificant and small?
The silhouette of her, walking away No more talking and the cleanest of breaks Traffic lights and city sounds, the whiskey drinks dull the pain down but they never take it away I’m so excited I’m finally free I’m terrified by the end of you an me I’m so excited, it’s the end of controversy, in love A beautiful day becomes majestic night All my old fears, shed as winters tears Summer sun, washes away whiskey drinks dull pain But they never take it away And all the way down the rabbit hole we go, Take the high or low road no matter which way you go.
Surreal and unreal, excited for the future, and a record deal I found myself, lost in a book, somewhere In Hollywood Stuck in la la land, drowning in the ocean and the sand clarity slipping away, spending money that wasn’t ours while we waste our youth away Summer, break, can’t help myself, the chance we all would take A soul to break,when we’re all just trying to escape from LA Summer, break, it’s all I can’t take, this soul to break All of my mistakes, when were all just trying to escape from LA A bitter end to all the dreams I had, but worst of all they weren’t mine Where all my friends became the industry, we used to like All things I’d do, and I’m so sorry for what I did to you Serenity, there’s gotta be a way, paying back money that never belonged to me
The Sunlight, hiding inside the clouds So beautiful, and so trivial When were Walking down the boulevard The rain falling down fast and hard When kids were dreaming of being stars and riding around on the handle bars Hoverboards and these virtual arcades Misery loves this company Machines move us through our destiny Bright screens stacked and ugly technology When we would walk outside under the sun Shining down on each one of us and everyone When we’re dreaming of our future stars, and driving around in electric cars Hover trains and these virtual parades Misery loves our company Misery City Skyline, more than a fresh tag line I can’t go back there, I won’t go back there Misery City Skyline, more than meets the naked eye I can’t get back there, I won’t go back there


Ghosts of Miami is the band's second full length effort. Von Kaiser treads new ground in mood, shape, tone, and color on this release.

The goal was to truly create ideas that connect you to the meaning, place, emotion, and time of the song.

With 13 all new tracks of 80's nostalgia mixed with modern production techniques and stirring vocals, Ghosts will be a record you'll want to have on your go-to Synthwave list.

The first single, "Wavelengths" is a journey into the unknown of where we go after this life, and the mysteries of the universe.


released May 4, 2020

David Mouatt - Vocals, Keys
Kaylin Heydenburg - Vocals, Keys
Jake VanRavenswaay - Keys, Vocals

Written, Produced, and Recorded by Von Kaiser
Mastered by Steve Gilson

Album art by Axel Zender


all rights reserved



Von Kaiser Michigan

We make music from the heart, from a time of what was and what could have been. ♥️🌴

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